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It’s still a stretch for me to imagine my fellow 360 players getting into Japanese RPG’s. Eternal Sonata was a damn fine game, but not many actually played the thing. So while I’m excited to see the lineup from Microsoft’s RPG event I am still skeptical that this will go beyond an initial attempt by Square Enix. It almost feels like this is a test to see if the 360 is worthy of a Final Fantasy XIII port at some point.

One of the most eye catching announcements was that a fourth game in the Star Ocean series, titled The Last Hope, would be making an appearance on the 360 at some point in 2009. No real details are available, but from the screenshots in the gallery below it looks like the game will have a more sci-fi feel. Does anyone remember when Square Enix made a bit more straightforward RPG stylings? I’d appreciate if every title didn’t look like a Final Fantasy cyber punk spawn chil

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