We’ve heard lots of talk about the different physics engines running rampant on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, but now we’re really getting a glimpse of what it all means in the latest trailer. More of a tech demonstration than anything, the impressive trailers shows you just what it means to have the Euphoria engine dictating enemy AI behavior. Or how about that talking point “DMM?” Oh boy, are we going to be reading a shitload about that in the coming months.

The game just looks impressive as hell, and may be the most technologically advanced title out in 2008. But is anyone else concerned that both the Euphoria and DMM engines might have similar issues to Havok, especially when that first came out? What would be the equivalent to a spasming corpse from Havok in Euphoria? Compulsive hugging? There’s nothing more harrowing than watching two Storm Troopers in a loving embrace during a deadly battle for the fate of the universe.

Don’t take our word for how fantastic the game is currently looking, even if we do have some minor concerns. The tech demo trailer is below for your pleasure. Watch it, be impressed by it, and get your ass prepared to unleash some Force lightning on some unsuspecting foes.

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