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In a few months Blizzard will release StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, which includes the Terran single-player campaign as well as the full multiplayer component. Blizzard believes that the first expansion will arrive about a year and a half later.

"We're estimating about 18 months from release of Wings of Liberty to when the next one comes out," lead producer Chris Sigaty told Shacknews. "That's purely speculative, honestly."

Sigaty continued: "Historically, it's taken us about a year-WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne is a good example-but you'll see the sum-total package [in Wings of Liberty] has raised the bar and there's a lot more to do with StarCraft II's expansions. I think 18 months is probably fairly accurate."

Wings is targeted for a mid-year release, which would mean the expansion could arrive in late 2011. The first expansion, called Heart of the Swarm, will have a single-player campaign for the Zerg. The trilogy will be completed by Legacy of the Void, which stars the Protoss. Assuming they adhere to this 18 month schedule, that would put Legacy as a mid-2013 release.

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