It seems like every time a new XBLIG title surfaces it’s breaking ground in one way or another. Singapore-based developers, Protege Production announced that the 3D flying shooter/RTS game, Armor Valley, is now available on Xbox Live Indie Games.

According to the press release…
Armor Valley combines the thrill of a fast-paced Shooter with the intrigue of a Real-Time Strategy. From the battlefield skies, players control the agile SilverHawk, supersonic Stormbolt, or vehement HellFire to rain destruction from above, deploy ground convoy squads, and capture strategic choke points to lead their forces to victory!

Gamers of the old-school might notice some similarities between Armor Valley and Nintendo’s now-abandoned StarFox arcade-flight simulator franchise. That’s actually a good thing considering that gamers don’t receive games like this very often.

You can purchase the game from the marketplace or try out a demo of the game for free. For more info be sure to visit the Official Xbox Live Website.

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