Looking through Steam's games that have been greenlit and available on Steam with native Russian language support, there are only 20 entries that fit the bill. Even fewer are designed by those based out of Russia. However, we do have titles like Legend of Eisenwald by the Russian-based Aterdux Entertainment. Could one of them have leaked it? Maybe... maybe not.

Legends of Dawn could also fit the bill, but if you look at Dreamatrix's home page and check out their company profile, they've been doing a lot of games, big and small, for many major publishers. They know the ropes, they know the PR game, they wouldn't commit software suicide like this.

Knock-Knock looks exceptionally suspicious as a potential culprit, the Kickstarted title is designed by Ice-Pick Lodge, who is conveniently located in Moscow, Russia. The game was also recently updated in the Steam database app four days ago, conveniently enough, on the day that the confidential letter was sent out. Then again, Ice-Pick Lodge has a few other games under their belt available on Steam, and it would seem unlikely they would commit to this sort of juvenile behavior and risk their game being available on the service.

While Unepic by Francisco Tellez de Meneses was also recently updated in the Steam database app and supports Russian language support natively, the problem is that he's Spanish and it wouldn't make sense that he would receive a letter using a Russian service.

Something like No More Room in Hell might seem to crop up as a culprit, but none of the people in charge fit the criteria... at all (meaning they're not based out of Russia). That's not to mention the game is free (same with Cry of Fear).

We have to discount Nihilumbra and Jesus Fabre since he's from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. We also have to discount Salvation Prophecy since Sean Lindskog is from Canada. Looks like the list got a whole lot smaller.

It'll be interesting to see who Valve names and shames (assuming they do that sort of thing) or if a small indie title of no significant importance will simply vanish from the Steam store and cease to exist on the largest PC digital distribution service on the planet.

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