GFI recently announced that they are working on a new third-person shooter called Steam Slug. It’s an odd name for a game, I know, but the concept seems kind of cool especially considering that it’s a steam-punk version of Terminator.

Right off the bat, visually, Steam Slug looks like the art-deco from BioShock thrown into the Terminator universe. The storyline is also identical to James Cameron’s vision of the Terminator franchise: robots have ravaged the land and are on a mechanical rampaged. Only human resistance fighters stand in the way of the steam-driven maniacs trying to wipe humanity off the face of the planet. Cliché, yes, but the game looks darn fine and if the action is good then it could be the robot-war game we’ve been waiting for.

In addition to announcing that the game will be arriving in the fourth-quarter to PC, GFI also released some new screenshots of the game and they are very convincing. Hands-down, it looks like an intriguing game so far. A brief list of the game’s features can be found below and if you stay tuned in with Blend Games we’ll be sure to keep you posted on any new updates or assets released for the game.

Steam Slug Features

• Unique steampunk style
• Intense third person shooter
• Realistic, destructible environment
• Interactive, changing world with cunning enemies
• Arenas for fighting deadly bosses

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