Blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughn and his band Double Trouble are bringing their musical stylings to Rock Band. Their 1983 album Texas Flood will be available as downloadable content next week.

The album contains the following ten songs. You can grab them all at once for $16 (1280 MS Points) or buy individual tracks for $2 apiece (160 MS Points):
  • "Love Struck Baby"
  • "Pride and Joy"
  • "Texas Flood"
  • "Tell Me"
  • "Rude Mood"
  • "Testify"
  • "Mary Had a Little Lamb"
  • "Dirty Pool"
  • "I'm Cryin"
  • "Lenny"
Randomly enough, "New" by No Doubt will also be available for purchase next week as well. The songs will be available through Xbox Live on Tuesday, March 3rd and through PSN and Thursday, March 5th.

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