It’s the mother flippin’. A new Street Fighter IV trailer has gone out to the masses and it delivers exactly as it should. That is to say it brings the new screens we’ve been seeing of the original World Warriors to glorious life. And be as jaded as you want – or one of those people who insist on counting frames and calling that fun – this looks incredible.

And now comes the part where I read too much into it, perhaps get a knowing smile and nod from a corner, then question my ability to spot conspiracies. Is Capcom’s use of Faith NO More’s Epic an intentional message to the naysayers? While this is a throwback to Street Fighter II, we should remember this is an all new game. Times and technology have changed, and what might have worked at the arcades 15-20 years ago probably doesn’t any more. So perhaps we can’t have it all from SFII, but we damn sure look to be getting most.

In any case, please for you to enjoy the latest Street Fighter IV trailer below.

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