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Oh Mario Galaxy how you raise our Nintendo lust to unhealthy levels. The next great Mario platformer just gets better and better every time we see it. The latest video is just jaw dropping beautiful, and it looks like Miyamoto is going for a true sequel to Mario 64. In fact, that Bowser scene looks strangely familiar.

The latest video shows more great gameplay from the upcoming platformer. If you watch closely you can see the cursor on the screen moving around to show how actions will be performed in the game. Also, pay close attention because there’s a cool looking level that appears to be a child’s bedroom with 2D art of Mario games on the wall. Today has been a great day for Nintendo fans. Sonic is now officially in Brawl and Mario Galaxy is looking even better than before. This is saying quite a bit, because the game has looked nothing short of fantastic all along.

Check out the gameplay trailer for Super Mario Galaxy from Nintendo’s press conference below.

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