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This topic never left the ring of debate and finally it’s receiving some due attention in a positive light. SwitchGames, an online used game and social networking site, has announced that they are doing what GameStop has refused to do since their inception: the right thing.

“We want to tackle a fair concern head-on,” said SwitchGames founder and CEO Jason Crawford, “and I think we’ve arrived at a practical solution. Current annual used game sales of $2.4 billion are a goldmine for retailers. But neither game publishers nor developers can touch that revenue. SwitchGames is changing that. When gamers sell used titles on SwitchGames they’ll have the option to share a percentage of a used game sale with the people who actually made the game. Like everything else at SwitchGames, gamers are always in control and it’s up to them to decide whether they’d like to cut in developers and publishers.”

Thank you, SwitchGames. This is not impossible for a brick and mortar retailer like GameStop/Electronic Boutique to do, it’s just that they don’t want to.

In addition to the charitable intervention for a percentage of used game sales going to developers/publishers, SwitchGames has also announced that there’s a contractual provision within the language that entitles developers to a percentage of any proceeds paid to publishers by SwitchGames. Nice, very nice.

I’m glad someone had the balls to do something about this issue. It’s something those petty thieves who run GameStop refuse to acknowledge or even think about changing…as if ripping gamers off isn’t enough.

Hopefully, this will catch on as the new trend for used game sales across the spectrum of online software outlets. Otherwise, we’ll continue to see development studios and publishing companies fold under from the profit loss they continually incur from the used game business.

You can check out the contractual agreement for the developers at the Official SwitchGames Provisional Contract. Alternatively, you can check out SwitchGames by visiting the Official Website. For more news, updates and info, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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