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Is something like this so hard for GameStop to do? Well, the answer is an automatic "yes" because their greed has blinded them from doing the right thing. Nevertheless, SwitchGames is not blinded by the almighty dollar-sign and has taken recourse of the used game market to help bend a small percentage of a purchase toward the publisher, which is entirely optional when trading games across their peer-to-peer service.

According to SwitchGames co-Founder Kai Bond…
" is a platform where gamers are empowered and given control of the used game business" …"If a gamer feels it's appropriate to donate money from a used game sale to a publisher, then so be it. If a gamer doesn't feel a donation is in order, then they are under no obligation to do so."

See, that’s smart business practice. This also goes hand-in-hand with SwitchGames’ developer incentive program, which is just another reason why this company definitely deserves to grow and expand on the used game market.

You can learn more about SwitchGames’ publishe donation programs by visiting their Official Website. Developers who need more info on SwitchGames’ developer incentive program can learn more by checking out the Provisional Contract they have setup.

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