The kickbutt new service that allows gamers to conveniently trade, exchange, buy and sell games has announced that they have added SafeTrade to their services as a guarantee for safe trading on their peer-to-peer network.

SwitchGames Founder Jason Crawford commented in the press saying…
"Obviously, trading games with your friends delivers the best possible value,"… "Before SwitchGames, trading games with other people online was plagued by safety problems, poor trade values, and a lack of convenience. With SafeTrade, SwitchGames is complete, as the safest, easiest and quickest way for gamers to connect and trade with each other. For little more than the cost of postage alone, SwitchGames members now can make fast and secure trades with SafeTrade."

Sounds excellent. And it’s still cool that SwitchGames, unlike GameStop, actually wants to help the gaming community by giving a little back to developers via their peer-to-peer trading service. At least we don’t have to hear lesser-known developers complain that the industry is financially imploding from used game sales due to the fact that SwitchGames is actually thwarting the money hoarding tactic that some other retailers are employing.

Anyway, you can learn more about the SafeTrade services and more by visiting the Official SwitchGames Website.

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