FixKorea is looking for a few good beta testers for the upcoming MMOFPS, Tactical Intervention. The game is being designed by Minh Le, one of the lead designers of the ever-popular shooter, Counter Strike..

According to the press release…
The levels in Tactical Intervention are based in urban settings and range from tight close quarters environments to larger settings. The player will constantly be challenged to adapt his playing style to accommodate for each of the unique settings. The weapons in TI are based on real world weapons and can be modified with various accessories to suit a particular player's style of play.

The game looks like a typical, fast-paced online shooter with plenty of action and lots of intensity. However, watching clips of the game from a YouTube trailer isn’t quite the same as actually playing it…sort of like that gosh awful piece of crap known as Sudden Attack.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a new replacement for Counter Strike I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to at least sign-up for the closed-beta test of Tactical Intervention. You can check out more info on the game or register for the first CB test, which begins on May 28th, by visiting the Official Website.

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