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Many of us old-school gamers couldn’t get enough of the modem-enabled multiplayer deathmatch tank game, Scorched Earth: The Mother of all Games. It was a great dos title and unfortunately, other than Team17’s Worms, we haven’t received many other noteworthy iterations of the turn-based shooter. Well, there’s good news for fans of the series and it comes in the form of the new Xbox Live Community Game, Tank Strike.

Basically, the game sees up to eight players duking it out on various battlefields that offer different challenges, advantages and hardships. Like Scorched Earth, Tank Strike also allows players to customize their load-out and weapon cache with the money they earn from winning rounds.

The game is currently available on the Xbox Live Community Games channel and is definitely worth a look for anyone who wants to rekindle some nostalgia from their Xbox 360. The debut trailer is below for anyone who needs a little extra convincing. Be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games for further news and updates regarding all things gaming.

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