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With the Team Fortress 2 update to the Scout class just days away, Valve is slowly revealing more and more details about what new content will be added. Yesterday, we saw The Sandman. Today, two new community maps have been revealed.

Here's the descriptions of both maps from the Team Fortress 2 Blog:

Arena_Watchtower - created by Joshua 'JoshuaC' Shiflet
  • "An Arena map that plays unlike any of Valve's Arena maps, with a heavy focus on vertical space and long, open sight lines. Control of the central building is a key decision that teams must wrestle over. More Sniper friendly than most Arena maps, it's a perfect complement to the Scout update. Batter up!"
CP_Junction - created by Sean 'Heyo' Cutino
  • A Gravel-Pit style map that the community has been heckling us to include for months. Junction is a sharp contrast to Watchtower. It's full of tight spaces and short sight lines, which create combat opportunities dominated by ambushes and explosive weaponry.
The update will be released for the PC version of TF2 Tuesday, February 24th. Check out screenshots of the new maps below - go on, do it.

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