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How do movie studios advertise something they’re not even close to finishing? Teaser trailers. Ten seconds of ominous music, a flash of a logo, and then some ludicrously far-off date. Eidos has decided to employ this tactic to promote the third installment of Deus Ex, releasing a teaser trailer yesterday on its website. Except they don’t even give us a date.

In case you haven’t checked out the trailer on Eidos-Montreal’s website, I’ll summarize. The camera slowly pans over parts of a cybernetically enhanced body, with a vague narration that sounds cool because it’s being said in a deep movie trailer voice (ex: “For centuries, Man has struggled to understand his true nature”). Then we see a wide shot of the body – it’s a cybernetic fetus. A subtitle: “Who we are is but a stepping stone to what we may become.” There’s also some lightning-fast shots of random things related to themes of the series (X-ray photos, riot police, etc). Not a single shot of JC or Alex Denton, the protagonists from the first and second games (respectively). More importantly, there’s zero gameplay footage. I’m sure it’ll be a first person shooter and the main character will have a choice of cybernetic implants…but beyond that, who knows?

Deus Ex 3 was announced back in May and I suppose I should be happy they still care enough about the project to produce a slick-looking trailer. I’m still skeptical until they give us something more substantial. Warren Spector and Harvey Smith, the primary designers of the first two games, aren’t attached and I was personally troubled by how “trimmed down” the second game was. While the story was great, it was much shorter and lacked many of the RPG elements of the original. Hopefully the skimpy trailer released yesterday isn’t an indication that another underdeveloped sequel is on the way.

Watch the trailer below and decide for yourself.

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