Microsoft has bought the exclusive distribution rights to the second season of The Guild, the popular webshow about MMORPG players created by Felicia Day. The series' twelve new episodes will premiere simultaneously on Xbox Live Marketplace, Zune, and MSN.

If you're a Microsoft hater, you'll still get a chance to watch the episodes but you'll have to wait awhile. Four weeks after a new episode airs, it will be available for viewing on According to Reuters, Microsoft even gets a cut of the ad revenue off so there's no escaping them.

Day will retain television/film rights for the series. However, Microsoft now owns the rights to any video game adaptations. A game inspired by a web show inspired by gaming? The room's spinning.

The first episode of the second season will premiere on Tuesday. The Guild is part of the starting lineup of the new Independent Video channel on Xbox Live Marketplace and is sponsored by Sprint. If you want to catch up on the series before Tuesday, you can check out the first season on Independent Video (or, you know, Youtube). The first season only had 10 episodes of about 5-7 minutes apiece so it shouldn't take you long.

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