Grand Theft Auto IV expansion The Lost and Damned will be free to play this weekend through Xbox Live. You've got a chance to play the game with Busta Rhymes tonight too.

As part of the Xbox Live "Game With Fame" program, Busta Rhymes will be playing LaD tonight from 7-9pm EDT. Add his Gamertag, "BustaRhymes GwF," to your friends list and make sure you're online during this time period. Probably wouldn't hurt to sign on at around 6:30.

The LaD free weekend starts on Friday, June 5th and lasts through Sunday. While yes, you'll need to have purchased the game, you'll be able to play online matches without an Xbox Live Gold subscription. They're giving away prizes like a home entertainment system, Microsoft Points, and Best Buy gift cards, too.

At the end of May, Rockstar announced the second expansion to GTAIV, entitled The Ballad of Gay Tony. Ballad will be available in a bundle with LaD and separately in the fall.

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