The managing director of Crytek UK, formerly Free Radical Design, says that Microsoft's motion control technology Natal is "fascinating." They're not working on any Natal projects at the moment, though.

"It’s not something that Crytek is dealing with yet, but certainly something that we’ve all been interested in working with," Karl Hilton told Develop. "Just making games higher and higher resolution is never going to be the future, there needs to be other routes too."

Don't expect Crytek UK to start making tennis or golf games, though. These are the guys who made TimeSplitters, after all. "Crytek UK still has a desire to make AAA core action-adventure games, but we always are interested in new control inputs. I think people would appreciate the type of games Crytek is known for if there was more than button-pressing to them."

Weening hardcore gamers off of their analog sticks and buttons seems like a difficult task. One idea that's been hinted at by Microsoft is a hybrid Natal/gamepad control scheme. For example, you could still control your character with the traditional gamepad but make a throwing motion to lob grenades. It might be easier to win over action game fans if the motion control was presented in a more gradual way like this.

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