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As many of you know Timesplitters Rewind is in development right now for the PC and PlayStation 4. Pantheonyx won't be able to actually release the game on the PS4 until Crytek's legal team gives them the go-ahead, but the interest from the community is definitely there.

One of the features of Timesplitters Rewind is the cross-platform support, identical to what Digital Extremes is doing with their port of Warframe on the PS4. Well, one of the big questions on the minds of most gamers is what would happen if the best PC gamers and uber-elite PS4 gamers were able to go head-to-head in PvP in Timesplitters Rewind? Well, if the PS4 gamers managed to win, according to the project lead, Michael Hubicka, he would shake their hand, hug them and plaster their names on the website congratulating them on dominating the PC Master Race.

We don't have a lot of cross-platform competitive games out there and the only game to go by is Shadowrun for the Xbox 360, which wasn't that great a game to begin with. Throughout most forums gamers always say that console gamers wouldn't stand a chance against PC players, due to how quickly the keyboard and mouse can adapt and twitch in first and third-person shooters.

However, in Timesplitters Rewind, the team is building a ton of server administrator and networking options, allowing players to choose between playing in lobbies against PC or console gamers or sticking strictly with playing against a specific kind of player on a specific platform. According to Hubicka...
“There's going to be some systems in place where people can say 'I only want to play with people who are playing with controllers on PC' or something like that. Basically, providing an option so everybody knows what they're getting into before they get into it. So nothing is purely unfair.

So if you want to play with a controller on the PlayStation 4 against people with a mouse and keyboard, have at it, I don't mind [chuckles]. But you might as well be jumping into a lava pit. PC players are always going to have that advantage.

However, what about those who have a death wish and want to tempt fate? What about the super-pro SDF PS4 players who will risk wealth, health, limb and e-peen ego just to say they beat someone from the illustrious PC Master Race? While this kind of talk could implode the universe by simply mentioning it, this very topic did intrigue Hubicka, who stated that...
“If you can take on a group – like clan versus clan, PlayStation 4 versus PC – if PlayStation 4 players could beat the PC players I would honestly like handshake them, hug them and put their name somewhere on the page and say 'Look at these people: PlayStation 4 players just straight-up dominated the PC crowd.'”

Oh, there isn't enough salt in the ocean to make up for the tears that would stream the faces of beaten and dominated PC gamers, lying at the feet of victorious console peasants. The only way to survive an encounter with that much fanboy rage you'd have to be equipped with a super pair of... well... I'll just leave this here.

So we know that the Xbox One version of TimeSplitters Rewind doesn't seem likely right now, but what about potential cross-platform support between PC, PS4 and Wii U gamers, especially with Nintendo giving the go-ahead for cross-platform gameplay? Well, don't hold your breath because it's not really on the table for the team at the moment. According to Michael...
“I think it's going to be an off-the-table thing for now.”... “But I don't want to throw it out there just yet. But it's all based on hardware limitations – because with such a small team we need as much support as we can get. We can make it scalable on the PC, but in terms of console development... we don't want to say like 'Wii U' and then not be able to present like, anything – or if it looks like (for the lack of a better word) crap. We want to wait; we don't want to half-ass anything.

“What's holding me back on the Wii U, is as I read on the Wii U – it's not really an HD contender in terms of Xbox One versus PlayStation 4.” … “When it comes to the Wii U, it's gonna take a lot for us to scale things back so we can work on that. But... it doesn't mean that what we have right now wouldn't allow for us to scale things back, because if we're gonna be able to make it scalable on the PC – so players with lower-end systems can play – then hopefully we can do the same thing for the Wii U.”

Well, there you have it... the Wii U and Timesplitters Rewind aren't looking too good right now. But, on the upside, at least if Crytek gives the go ahead we'll be seeing a PC and PS4 version of Timesplitters this December.

We'll have up the full interview at the end of the week. For now, you can learn more about Timesplitters Rewind by visiting the official website.