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For PC owners of Tom Clancy’s EndWar there’s good news: you can now use amBX in conjunction with Tom Clancy’s EndWar. I can’t say it’s the most important news happening within the industry, but I’m sure there are a few gamers out there who would love to get a more atmospheric experience out of EndWar.

"War gaming has taken on a new meaning with the arrival of amBX in Tom Clancy’s EndWar,” commented Jo Cooke, Chief Marketing Officer, amBX. “What we’re offering isn’t just added in-game realism; it’s a totally new entertainment experience, in and out of the game screen, for what is widely considered to be one of the most revolutionary war games available today.”

Added to the already snazzy voice-command system, the game will feature (with the added support of amBX) a dazzling display of lights, responsive air effects, and dynamic rumbling. Nice. Support for Tom Clancy’s upcoming flight-sim, H.A.W.X, is also coming from amBX.

This is probably good news for gamers who really, really want to get into the game. And given that it’s now being adapted for the PS3, it would be especially cool to see how it works with KillZone 2. Anyway, you can learn more about this development by visiting the Official amBX Website.

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