#3: Sleeping Dogs
After a rocky departure from Activision, United Front Games and True Crime: Streets of Hong Kong looked to be out of the loop for good. However, Square Enix stepped in and picked up the property and gave it a much needed title-makeover, calling it Sleeping Dogs. The game is 2012's rendition of Grand Theft Auto and the only open-world action title this gen that lets you play as a badass Asian dude. The game is a solid title all the way around, although I'd have to say that this makes this list out of the novelty of being an open-world game that's just above par as opposed to being anything ground breaking for a 2012 release. In fact, if this were any other year where there were games worth playing that pushed limits one way or another, Sleeping Dogs would have been left sleeping in the cold.

Still, this is a game that doesn't shrink its gameplay into a series of sporadic QTEs, and instead focuses more-so on a series of combination gameplay elements including a fleshed out martial arts combat system, intense Hollywood chase sequences and Hong Kong-inspired shootouts. A few non-traditional mini-games tossed in for good measure and a great representation of modern day Hong Kong is what makes Sleeping Dogs one of my top 5 titles of 2012.

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