#4: The Unfinished Swan
Originally, this was reserved for the upcoming terraforming, sci-fi space adventure game, Edge of Space. However, given that Edge of Space is still in a sort of pseudo closed-beta state, I decided to give this to a highly underrated but truly artistic and beautifully designed game from Giant Sparrow, The Unfinished Swan.

The start of the game is rather static and mute, with the player tasked with throwing blobs of black paint to uncover the white-washed world, but soon thereafter things begin to pick up and the world, the story and everything else begins to expand. Heck, even the gameplay mechanics evolve in a boundless and fun fashion as this family-friendly story takes shape.

While it doesn't tell a profoundly wide-spanning story of life and death like Journey, I think the more personal and tangled tale of family ties, and a minimalistic approach to interaction and exploration, helped give the game an identity all its own. This is not to mention that the sparse but airy soundtrack from Joel Corelitz fused with a very creative and smile-inducing ending is the sort of thing that leaves gamers with a smile on their face and a tear in the eye. While I doubt the game will maintain a strong historic presence, it certainly deserves a lot more attention than what it received...hence, why it made this list.

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