#5: Borderlands 2
Gearbox Software's sequel to the 2009 smash hit, Borderlands, proved to be both unsurprising and well-welcomed. While the sequel stayed relatively safe and could barely explore much more than it already did on the technical fronts due to aging console hardware, what we ended up with was a slick sequel that gave us fans more of what we already enjoyed from the original game.

While the humor may or may not be to everyone's liking, the main character of Borderlands 2 has always been the gun selection. Unlike the first game, gamers with a gun fetish get a much more varied and original cast of weapons in Borderlands 2 that range from sci-fi space-age weapons, to old-school style shooters like double-barreled shotguns and western-themed revolvers. What's more is that rocket launchers actually work this time around! Oh yeah, and it has four-player co-op...what's not to like about looting and shooting with friends?

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