#3: PlanetSide 2
Many games try to make players feel like they're in the middle of a war. Few succeed as well as PlanetSide 2. In this MMOFPS, thousands of players battle for control of the planet Auraxis. The three factions wage a 24-hour war with scores of infantry, aircraft and land vehicles. Battles for fortresses can take hours. The first time you take an enemy's base after spending the afternoon pounding away at their defenses, you'll be hooked.

The game manages to combine the strengths of the RPG and shooter genres. The progression system provides players with abundant specializations, such as sniping, piloting and first aid. At the same time, the game still retains the feel of a shooter. If you shoot someone in the head, they're going to die no matter what Battle Rank they've attained or what upgrades they've purchased.

The craziest part of all with this game is that it's free-to-play. You can pay to speed up your progression but F2P members can (and do) dominate the battlefield. You'll get plenty of hours of enjoyment from this game regardless of whether or not you fork over any money.

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