#4: Need For Speed: Most Wanted
One of my favorite games of this entire generation is Burnout: Paradise. I spent an ungodly number of hours tearing up the virtual street of Paradise City and the surrounding mountains, completing nearly every task on the game's ridiculous set of single player objectives and careening into the wee hours of the morning with online friends on more than a few occasions. While Criterion's treatment of this latest title in the Need for Speed series was scorned by many longtime fans, what the developers have effectively done is provide me with the long-awaited sequel to a game that owns a pretty big chunk of my gaming heart. Need for Speed: Most Wanted is a beautiful game with loads of content, an engaging multiplayer offering and more than enough insanely fast vehicles to keep any virtual gearhead revving the engine for hours on end. As far as arcade racers go, this one stands toe to toe with the best the genre has to offer.

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