#3: Far Cry 3
Confession time! I haven't actually finished Far Cry 3 yet. But with more than 20 hours poured into its single player campaign, every one of which I have enjoyed tremendously, I have little trouble adding this title to my game of the year list. While Far Cry 3's story might not be Shakespeare, some of its writing is nothing shy of poetry. Sporting some of the most memorable characters to come along in a long time, a nice variety of missions and side tasks to keep things fresh, a massive island that's exciting to explore and FPS gameplay that's silky smooth, some of my best gaming memories of 2012 were made on Far Cry 3's Rook Island. And that's not even touching the game's separate co-op campaign or online multiplayer. So, no, I have not yet reached the end of Far Cry 3's campaign. But if we're looking at this solely from the perspective of how much enjoyment a game is giving me, then the time I've spent with Far Cry 3 easily outshines the vast majority of titles I've sunk my teeth into this year.

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