EverQuest Next
There’s no telling when EverQuest Next will finally launch on the PlayStation 4 but, since the game has been in development for around four years, chances are pretty good that the developers have made some decent progress at this point. A true MMORPG experience for the PS4, players will do away with a leveling system, instead altering their character’s abilities through highly specialized gear, weapons, classes and skill trees. You’ll be able to explore a massive world, battle countless enemies, loot loads of dungeons and quest to your heart’s content. Hopefully the folks at Sony Online Entertainment have taken a few notes from the folks at Turbine. Games like Lord of the Rings Online have proven that free-to-play MMORPGs can be robust, rewarding and even profitable when structured properly. With any luck, EverQuest Next let players enjoy a similar experience with a controller in hand.

Deep Down
Capcom’s free-to-play dungeon explorer turned quite a few heads when it was first shown off in 2013 and, according to recent news coming from the publisher, it looks like Deep Down is creeping closer and closer to a beta launch sometime in 2014. Looking like a cross between Dark Souls and Diablo, players will be able to jump into randomly generated dungeons in order to grab better gear, stab dragons in the face and hopefully survive long enough to find an exit. It’s an intriguing title in its own right, made all the more interesting by the fact that it will be distributed on a free-to-play model for the PlayStation 4.

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