Papers, Please
“Holy crap!” that's the sort of response that Papers, Please will illicit from anyone who sticks through the game from start to finish, in order to experience one of the game's many endings. It's amazing that such a small, seemingly simplistic title could be so surprisingly complex. Papers, Please isn't the sort of thing that would make it onto my "top 5” list for 2013, but it's a hard game to ignore given the deep narrative that follows an immigration worker (which is you, the player) in the fictional, impoverished country of Arstotzka. It's a place that hinges on the verge of being a military state and the game doesn't hide any of the violence and volatile states of humankind pushed to the limits while trying to survive in our “civilized” society. With a rather old and grimy art-style to mirror the game's bleak outlook and stark representation of this fictitious Eastern European country, Papers, Please is a surprising test of a player's will to either abandon or maintain their humanity for the sake of state or family.

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