Dean “Rocket” Hall has recently been talking about the public standalone alpha release of DayZ. The game was added to the Steam database not too long ago and that means it will be launching soon. There are a few things you need to keep in mind before heading back to Cheranus.

Now, there's no official release date on when DayZ's alpha will drop, but it's been recently updated on a day to day basis since its entry in the Steam database was uncovered back in October.

“Rocket” has already prefaced the release of the alpha with saying that the game will launch as a hot mess with tons of glitches and bugs. Here are a few things to look out for when you eventually head back into Cheranus, and what some of those early teething issues from a “true blue alpha” will entail.

Not Being Able To Log In
Let's be real, DayZ is probably one of the biggest non-AAA titles out there next to Minecraft. Nearly 2 million people have already tried, played or engaged with DayZ since its uber-alpha release in the spring of 2012. That's not including all the people who may have been holding off playing the game but have been neck-deep in YouTube videos and meta-community activity surrounding DayZ.

What this means is that there's potentially millions of gamers out there waiting and willing to play-test DayZ's standalone, and we all know what happens when a whole bunch of gamers try to log into a highly anticipated game on day one: we end up with Diablo III, GTA Online and Guild Wars 2 scenarios where the servers crash, very few people get to play and the whole server bit is a “hot mess”. In other words, don't expect to log in often or consistently the first few weeks of the release for DayZ's alpha.

Stuck In Walls, Trapped Underground
Bugs will be about as prevalent in the DayZ alpha as roaches in a south central welfare apartment in LA. What this means is that even if you're lucky enough to log in, create a character and make your way to some indistinguishable part of Cheranus, you're likely to run into a bug where you might inadvertently get stuck in a wall, or even fall into the ground. Can it happen? Well, it's happened before.

The reality is that these sort of things are expected with alphas. Getting trapped in the ground is no less frustrating than getting stuck in a wall. And yes, you can get stuck in a wall. The upside is that it can happen to nearly anyone so it's not like the game will single you out and make your life a miserable, terrible experience, sort of the way your college professor decided to go out of his way to ruin your life when he found out you made a certain tape with his daughter and wife and posted it on YouPorn. Never go full YouPorn.

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