Zombies Might Not Be Very Menacing
The early goings of the DayZ alpha will feature zombies that may not be able to fulfill their full potential. I mean, if you've watched the latest DayZ standalone clip, it's not like the zombies are all that menacing. It's like zombies designed for geriatric paraplegics. Although, technically, in the original mod they were only scary because they were zig-zagging Olympic sprinters who could dodge bullets and chase you for hours across the great expanse of forested hills and small shanty villages.

For absolute newbs, it's possible to become thwarted in some way by the zombie threats, but it's highly unlikely that the same fate will befall veteran players. Don't worry, though, the AI will improve as the game matures; and even though the alpha won't launch with massive hordes of zombies crowding up the screen like Dead Rising 3, it's possible that the game could eventually get to that point after several layers of optimization and plenty of fixes... hopefully.

Expect To Be Killed On Sight... A Lot
There's a lot of worries about the violent and unpredictable nature of gamers in DayZ. Personally, I love the uncertainty factor involved with coming across someone who could potentially be just as dangerous as the undead hordes that everyone is trying to run away from... or they could be as harmless as a fly addicted to Ritalin. However, a lot of players aren't fond of spawning into the world and dying from some guy who spends six hours laying in a grassy field just to spawn-kill newbs.

While many gamers debate about measures needing to be put into place to prevent killing on sight, it's actually a reality you'll just have to learn to deal with in the DayZ alpha. The best thing to do is log into the game with a group of friends, this way when that guy – who waits in the grassy hills to snipe newbs – decides to take out your group of friends, you can use your buddies as a meat-shield as you try to find a safe place to hide. No one said surviving a zombie apocalypse was going to be easy or friendly.

Glitches, Bugs And Even More Glitches
Dean “Rocket” Hall had already warned gamers that the DayZ standalone alpha would be riddled with bugs. It's a fair warning and one that should not go unheeded. I mean, it's an alpha release and the very definition of “first” relates to the early iterations of a game's development cycle. This also means that it's only barely the first form of the game being somewhat playable. This also means that you can expect an non-smooth and sloppy gameplay experience.

Now, don't take this as a detour to keep you from playing, but more-so as a warning to what's mostly made obvious with the fact that it's called an “alpha”. Even if you don't get stuck in the ground or trapped in a wall or killed by a swinging door, you could still get jammed in a tree, blast into the air, lose inventory items, glitched in the water, or experience a host of other countless unaccounted for scenarios that derive from a game being in an alpha state. However, if you're okay with all of the above and you can't wait to play DayZ, I wish you good luck and good hunting... unless you're a KOS bandit, in which case I hope zombies eat your legs.

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