It’s not a game that’s frequently scouring the likes of the gaming press circuits or online news outlets, but it’s an ambitious new title, nonetheless. This action-RPG by Omega Force – the same minds behind the repetitive but ever-so-popular Dynasty Warriors series – is bringing the game to life and Electronic Theatre has some exclusive new details on the game.

Tecmo Europe and Koei hasn’t said much about this game but based on the screens and description of the gameplay it sounds rather intriguing. According to Electronic Theatre
”Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll sees the three adventurers – Aleus, Daguza and Zelena - brought together by fate. Each must work together to explore Biascion’s fields, dungeons and towns, survive encounters with mythological beasts, as they venture to destroy the evil King Balor. The combat system is real-time, and allows the player to switch between each of the three characters at will. The environment is suggested to be completely interactive throughout, with new paths discovered by destroying objects and freezing water, or even used to defeat enemies.”

Despite the cool concepts, one thing is definitely holding this game back from breaching the hype thresholds: it’s name. Trinity: Soul of Zill doesn’t sound bad but the whole “O’ll” just kind of throws the whole thing into left field. Nevertheless, the game looks promising and it’s scheduled for release in 2010.

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