Most of us probably don’t pay attention to the actors behind the voices of our favorite characters. It’s Solid Snake – not David Hayter playing Snake – to most of us. If I were to ask the general gamer who in the Halo games is also an iconic Nintendo character, well I doubt they’d know. But those voices breathe life into games, and talented actors can actually improve the experience. Touchstone announced today that Ron Perlman (Lord Hood in Halo 3), among others, have signed on to lend their talents to the upcoming Turok game.

Turok is the latest in the dinosaur shooting series of games that were once great. I’m interested in this one because it looks to not be bringing extra suck along for the ride. As Joseph Turok, the player will join up with his elite special forces squad, Whiskey Company, to take down Roland Kane. When your ship is shot down you must travel across a planet infested with dinosaurs to find your squadmates, and team up to take Kane out. Of course there are dinosaurs roaming around, and you’ll need all the help you can get.

The voice cast includes Gregory Norman Cruz as Joseph Turok. The rest of Whiskey Company are: Timothy Olyphant as Cowboy; Ron Perlman as Slade; Donnie Wahlberg as Shepard; William Fichtner as Logan; Mark Rolston as Cole; Chris Judge as Jericho; Lombardo Boyar as Gonzales; Gideon Emery as Reese; Josh Gomez as Parker; Jon Curry as Foster; Jason Harris as Carter; and Steve Van Wormer as Henderson. Phew! That’s a lot of listing going on. Most of these people are video game veterans, Gideon Emery will be seen – or heard – in Mass Effect. But the trend of decent talent making an appearance in video games is on the rise. Stars lined up to take a few lines for Halo 2 and 3.

I’m not sure how much we should care, as long as the talent is good. The important thing is that developers are putting an effort into voice acting in games. Oh, and the character from Halo who is also a Nintendo icon is Cortana. Jen Taylor plays the voice of Princess Peach as well. You can put that in your useless facts bank for a future Screw Your Neighbor game.

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