Last Thursday, Valve announced that Unreal Tournament 3 was free for all Steam users for a weekend and could be purchased for 40% off until March 15th. The promotion turned out to be so successful that they'll be extending the discount and hosting another UT3 free weekend.

The 40% discount, which takes the game from $19.99 to $11.99, will now stay in effect until Sunday, March 22nd. In addition, the game will be free to play from Friday, March 13th through Sunday, March 15th. To be able to participate in the free weekend as soon as it goes into effect, you can start downloading the game's files through Steam now.

Why the generosity? Apparently the response to the promo was huge. The press release from Steam claims that there was a 2000% boost in simultaneous player numbers. The free weekend and discount were first placed into effect to celebrate the launch of the Titan Pack, a massive chunk of free downloadable content.

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