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One of the biggest disadvantage PC's have against consoles in gaming is the extra time needed for configuration and maintenance. Valve Software is hoping to close the "convenience gap" with big new updates to its Steam digital gaming download service.

The update, dubbed "Steam Cloud," will stores your game settings, key bindings, and saved game files on Valve's server. This means if you want to play one of your games on a different computer, you won't have to reconfigure anything. Steam Cloud will work with any Steam-enabled game - which makes it a good business move on Valve's part because the added convenience will presumably encourage more folks will purchase games through their service.

Valve is also planning to add automatic driver update detection to Steam eventually, meaning you won't have to search for new driver versions for your hardware. It all sounds pretty gravy to me; I mean none of this is going save the PC on its own but it should prevent a few headaches. Knowing Valve's lengthy development cycles, I imagine we'll see Steam Cloud by the year 2051. It'll come free with a silver jumpsuit and steak-flavored food paste.

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