Vigilante 8 was like the multiplayer, arcade fun-fest that Interstate 76 never quite became. Vigilante 8 was also a franchise that never quite took off quite like Twisted Metal. But it’s all right. Activision has brought back this classic shooter specifically for Xbox Live. And to celebrate the return of this game, we have a brand new trailer and some HD screenshots for you.

Vigilante 8: Arcade offers up classic, weapon-based, off-road gameplay. Already, I must say that the game is looking sweet, even if it used to be on that pixilated product from the 90s, called a PlayStation. Sharper graphics, online play and up to four-player splitscreen for offline play and you have yourself one of the best classics brought back to life. You can check out the launch trailer below along with some HD screenshots, or purchase Vigilante 8: Arcade for only 800 MS points when it launches on November 5th.

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