Eidos is set to release the upcoming game, Just Cause, on September, 27th, 2006 for the PC, PS2, Xbox and 360. Just Cause is their answer to GTA, with a rather revolutionary twist to the concept. Well, that’s because you play as a revolutionary, a CIA agent trying to ferment a revolution in the fictional nation of San Esperto, where your prototypical eeeeeeevil South/Central American tinpot dictator lives. Basically, you get to run amok throughout San Esperto, which will literally have some 1, 225 square miles of space available to do all sorts of crazy stunts in the name of freedom, ass kicking, and Robert Rodriguez El Mariachi movies.

The game certainly is ambitious, especially with the 360 version, which should be the definitive version of the game (no word yet on any potential PS3 version down the line). It will be ambitious in regards to the sheer amount of space they let you play sandbox within, and also the over-the-top stunts and fighting that are factored into the game’s control scheme. While I thought that the GTA genre was on the verge of being over saturated with a lot of mindless clones, between Saints’ Row and Just Cause, they might just have found ways to lengthen it’s viability and shelf life. Viva la Revolution!

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