Omid and Christa
Omid and Christa
Omid and Christa are a young couple who joined up with Lee and Clementine's group on their way to Savannah in S1. As far as we know, they're the only people in the group other than Clementine to survive the visit to Savannah. Before they were separated from Lee at the end of Season One, he told them to look after Clementine. We don't see them again after that point, though.

In all likelihood, they're the duo that Clementine spies from afar in the season finale. Both are seen in the launch trailer. It seems that they're going to make good on their promise to Lee to protect Clementine.

They should be good travel companions, too. In Season One, they proved themselves to be decent and caring individuals - a rarity in this zombie apocalypse. They seemed to have genuine affection for Clementine and aren't the sort who would consider a kid "dead weight." Omid had a serious leg injury in S1 but hopefully it won't hamper the group's ability to travel.

Kenny was a fisherman and one of the first members of Lee and Clem's group. He was one of the leaders of the group because of his decisive and outspoken nature. It was his idea for the group to head to Savannah to find a boat. The trip is successful but comes at a great cost. Kenny's son Duck is bitten by a walker and his wife Katjaa kills herself out of grief.

In the last episode, Kenny seemingly sacrifices himself in order to save another member of the group from walkers. He was trapped in an alley and it's strongly implied that he died. However, Telltale did say that the second season would explore his fate so perhaps he somehow managed to survive. He proved himself to be a very resourceful guy so who knows.

If he did make it, he'd presumably help Clementine in her journey out of respect for Lee. Depending on player choices throughout Season One, he may have helped Lee on his quest to rescue her from the crazed stranger. On the other hand, he's the sort who's willing to take desperate measures to survive (he bashed an old man's head in with a salt lick to prevent him turning, for chrissake) so he might not want to babysit Clem.

Gil's Pitstop
Gil's Pitstop
Gil's Pitstop is a rest stop and gas station that served as the central setting for 400 Days, a collection of short stories told from the perspectives of different survivors. It becomes a makeshift shelter for survivors. In one story, an elderly couple are living there. A later story shows a militaristic group living there under the leadership of a man named Roman.

By the epilogue, it's been overrun by zombies. The survivors who lived in and around the pit stop have resettled in a camp in the wilderness. Tavia, a representative of a different survivor community, arrives and offers them a place in her group. Depending on the player's decisions through 400 Days, some or all of the survivors will accept the offer.

It's not clear whether Clementine will encounter this community in the second season. However, she will visit the pitstop with Omid during the first episode according to one of the screenshots. If nothing else, she'll find some trace of the survivors who passed through there in the months before.

The Walking Dead: Season Two will debut on PC and Mac tomorrow. The iOS and console release dates haven't been announced but those platforms should get the game in short order.

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