There's a new video circulating courtesy of Ubisoft that gives a detailed report on the abilities and skills of lead protagonist in the upcoming Watch Dogs. The video is basically a retread of the video from Sony's PS4 unveiling event, but with added descriptors and an overview of the gameplay mechanics that were seen in the video.

Basically, players will have an entire database at their disposal to infiltrate and exfiltrate (personal) information from targets. The original E3 2012 video of Watch Dogs detailed Pearce as one of the watch dogs for CTOS, but later on the videos and hints from Ubisoft pointed at the game's main character being an ex-member of the Big Brother organization, potentially going rogue.

It seems very likely that players will get to play both sides of the coin, similar to Obsidian's Alpha Protocol, starting off with a run-through of the game's mechanics and then eventually as the meat of the game cooks through, players will turn against the company and explore the game's content in a more free-form fashion.

Watch Dogs is set for release this holiday season for current and next generation consoles. You can check out some screenshots of Chicago right here or visit the game's official website to learn more.

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