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We don't know much about the Watchmen game but one thing is clear: unlike some films-turned-games, people seem to actually give a crap about it. Important people, like Zack Snyder, director of the upcoming Watchmen film, and Dave Gibbons, illustrator of the original graphic novel.

Here's what Snyder and Gibbons had to say about the game at a special Watchmen event in New York City:

Snyder: "We had talked about how we were going to make a video game. I call myself a gamer, I don't know if I am. I was like, oh cool, we could do a video game where you're the Comedian and you have to assassinate JFK. Look, Watchmen is subversive. It's a subversive movie. Really, just the game became an exercise in exploring some of Watchmen lore. I guess that was fun for us to go back through the book and say, oh look, here's all the sequel. It's as close to a sequel as you're ever going to get probably."

Gibbons: "Mayfair Games had the [table-top] role-playing games, which actually dealt with much of the same area that the video game dealt with. There is precedent."

Snyder: "It's going to be a downloadable game. We felt like we couldn't create -- the problem with video games is they take a long time to make, and unless you get a nice long lead, you end up with a crappy game. A lot of video games just take advertising dollars and spend them somewhere else. I wasn't into that. Because we made the game shorter, we ended up being able to make the game better. It looks really cool. We used all the elements of the production design."

In other words, the whole thing hasn't been outsourced to some jerkoff developer to spit out for easy money. Quite a rarity these days. Nice to see there's an active interest in the game among people involved in crafting the film and book - I mean, c'mon, Gibbons even remembers the name of the company that made the pen-and-paper RPG back in the eighties. That's teh hardcorez, right there.

The episodes will be downloadable for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 and the first one will arrive around the same time as the film, which hits theaters on March 6th.

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