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The iPhone/iPod Touch online role-playing game Watchmen: Justice is Coming was announced only four days ago but now it's available through the App Store. The game's launch coincides with the release of the Watchmen film to theaters - amazing coincidence, huh?

In Justice is Coming, players create their own costumed character and are free to wander the streets of 1975 Manhattan. You can complete story quests, brawl in the streets or just chat with other players. To purchase the game, just head here.

To celebrate the release of the Justice is Coming, Warner Bros. is offering it for $0.99. It's not clear what the normal price of the game will be but you don't need to be Ozymandias to realize it'll probably be more than $0.99. Awesome, I managed to slip a Watchmen in-joke in there. My work here is complete.

Oh, and Warner Bros. isn't just dumping this out there so it can idly soak up a few extra bucks from you Watchmen fans. The game's website claims "there are plans for future updates and expansion packs." There's no monthly subscription fee, either.

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