No One Lives Forever and Why Hasn't It Been Re-Released? IP rights...you've got to love copyright laws.

Vita Update v2.10 Adds Folders Keep your content and apps organized with the addition of folders on your PSV.

Mega Man Canceled FPS Maverick Hunter Revealed Capcom had, at one point, put Mega Man into the shoes of an FPS hero...but then they backrolled on the idea and canceled it.

BioShock Infinite Recreated in Minecraft Well, isn't this a pleasant surprise...Columbia in voxel-cube format. Who would have thunk it?

Project Awakened Trailer Features Panda With A Baseball Bat and Giant Enemy Crabs Well, they're classic tropes in the world of video games and sure beat running around as a zombie with a giant purple dildo.

Xbox Live Arcade Hosts April Sales Check out some games Microsoft is actually letting you buy at a discounted rate.

Divinity Original Sin Hits Kickstarter Goal Another game from a self-publishing developer gets over the hurdle.

Lost Planet 3 Delayed to August Capcom wants to freshen the game up some more before releasing it to the public.

Batman Arkham Origins Announced Along With Blackage Mobile Game Rocksteady is ready to get back into the troughs and bring out another amazing Batman game.

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