Project CARS Delayed to Q2 2014; FSA Investigates Investment Fraud The investigation is not good news for Slightly Mad Studios, but it's a kick-butt game and hopefully they come out on top.

Lego City Undercover Chase Begins Now Available on 3DS Ahead of the Wii U launch, Lego City Undercover rolls out for Nintendo's 3DS.

Nvidia Teases GTX Titan LE, GTX Titan Ultra? Nvidia could be turning the Titan card into a series of cards.

Dragon Crown Headed to PS3 and PS Vita this August All the busty, feisty action of Vanillaware's Dragon's Crown will land on Sony's platforms this summer.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate Strategy Portal Launches Need help playing Castlevania Lords of Shadow on your 3DS? Check out the new strategy portal to help you out.

Age of Wushu Releases at GameStop, Features Jet Li Mission If you bought Age of Wushu from GameStop you're in for a treat by receiving a special training mission featuring none other than Jet Li.

Don't Starve Now Available on Steam One of the most talked about games that wasn't talked about in media finally launches on Steam to wide acclaim.

Ratchet & Clank Movie Headed to Theaters 2015 The popular franchise is getting the movie treatment in two year's time.

Dead Island Riptide Retail Launch Begins Next Zombie Apocalypse Deep Silver launches the next phase of Dead Island.

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