Skyrim Fan Movie Shares A Vision A creative, fan-made vision of course.

EverQuest Next Could Come To PS4 This would be a huge step up for the PS4's userbase if they were ever to get their hands on a game like this. Hopefully Sony can make it happen.

DayZ Standalone Could Go Public After Next Milestone Build While there are a lot of complainers, believe you me when I say that they will be at the feet of “Rocket”, worshiping him like rappers worship big butts once this thing goes public.

Reggie Fils-Aime On Being Playable in Smash Bros Wii U He says his body is ready... but is yours?

Nintendo Rewards Program Gets Four Games This August If you're part of the Nintendo rewards agenda you'll be able to get in good on four new games.

World of Warcraft Connected Realms Aim To Fix Underpopulated Realms As popular dies down and gamers drop off, Blizzard introduces a fix for the problem.

Savant: Ascent Brings Dubstep Action Platforming to Steam's Greenlight You power-up by collecting and listening to dubstep while you kick the collective butts of bad guys. Sounds awesome? It is awesome.

Skyrim Voted Best Game of the Generation Beyond GTA IV, The Last of Us and MGS IV. Do you agree?

Crypt Run Will Appear on Wii U If Kickstarter Stretch Goal Met Nintendo wants the game on Wii U... the developers want the game on Wii U, so how about you? Do you want it on the Wii U?

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