Rockstar shocked the world when they unveiled the new multiplayer mode for Grand Theft Auto V, pretty much putting all other multiplayer modes in every other game to shame. The video is featured in this recap along with some details on the multiplayer mode itself... it's epic. The Xbox One has been delayed in a few territories, pushing back the region release outside of North America to 2014 for many countries, and Overkill Software's Payday 2 launched to a lot of fanfare and some rocket busting sales. These stories and more in this August 17th, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

7 Days To Die, The Novelist Approved By Steam Greenlight A list of cool new indies have landed on Steam thanks to the Greenlight.

Venus Rising MMO Dabbles In Interactive Sex 16 different positions of interactive digital awesomenes. Who's in?

Splinter Cell Blacklist System Requirements Released As Game Goes Gold Ubisoft's Blacklist has officially gone gold and you can find out if your PC is up to snuff for the game.

Half Life 3 Trailer Created By Fan To Torment You Well shucks, Valve has laid off on the trolling, so it's up to the community to pick up the tab.

Sword N Board Brings Childhood RPG Adventures To Life On Kickstarter

Sir, You Are Being Hunted Pre-Order Alpha Test Starts August 19th Rock, Paper, Shotgun's open-world survival game will open up to the public later in the month for those who buy into the pre-order campaign.

Omni Treadmill Pre-Orders Available At $499 For the price of an Xbox One you could own your own Omni Treadmill, one of the most advanced pieces of technology out there.

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