Hearthstone Beta Launches Find out how to get in on the beta for the new Hearthstone game from Blizzard.

WWE 2K14 Adds First Openly Gay Superstar Darren Young The first openly gay wrestler has joined the WWE 2K14 roster.

GTA 5 Achievements Mention Spaceships, Nuclear Waste **Warning** obvious spoilers are ahead. Click at your own risk!

Walking Dead Shambles Onto Vita The game is part of the PS Vita's Summer Select.

Microsoft Shutting Down GFWL July 1st, 2014... This is Why People Fear For Xbox One Despite the service shutting down you run into the obvious problem and see that your games now have a finite lifespan on them.

Awesomenauts Starstorm Expansion Heads to Kickstarter The developers are looking to branch out the game with additional premium DLC and they're hoping to get funded via Kickstarter.

Windows 8 Banned From Benchmark Tests, Possible Reason why it wasn't used at E3 Benchmark testers scrap testing on Windows 8 due to a problem with the OS's RTC.
B Candle Finishes Kickstarter Heads To Greenlight Now that the game is fully funded the team now needs a little help to get greenlit.

Batman Arkham Origins Ditches GFWL For Steamworks Thank you Rocksteady... thank you.

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