Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate HD Announced After successfully making waves on handheld devices, Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate will make its way to the home consoles.

PS4 Launch Window Includes 34 Games It's an amazing line-up of big, small and medium sized games aimed at just about every demographic of gamer.

War Thunder Brings MMO Battle To PS4 Launch Yet another game joining the exclusive line-up of titles of the PS4.

Watch The Xbox One GamesCom 2013 Conference Microsoft Didn't Want You To See Here it is folks... the Xbox One press conference they didn't want you to see.

EA Does Something Right: Origin Offers 24-Hour Refund Option You screwed up buying that digital game? No problem... get a refund.

Shadow of the Beast Announced as PS4 Exclusive This kind of came out of nowhere. Not really sure why they resurrected it but I'm not complaining.

PS4 Has A Million Pre-Orders Worldwide More than any previous console that has launched.

Minecraft and Loads of Indies Headed To PS4, PS3, PS Vita Sony dropped some major bombs during their GamesCom 2013 conference, including tons of indie titles.

Xbox One Release Day Games Include Fighter Within, Dead Rising 3 Microsoft's full line-up includes a few exclusives you didn't even know were coming.

Fable Legends Announced For Xbox One, See The First Trailer Screenshots Now

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