Witcher 3 Studio Doesn't Believe in DLC Not the scheming kind, anyway.

Capcom Rejected Dragon's Crown; Dragon's Crown Sells Out In Japan Awesome move right there Capcom, bravo. Way to go, big boy. You done yourself real proud. Woot, woot.

Media Molecule Delays Tearaway The PS4 exclusive gets hit with a bit of a delay.

Saints Row 4 Still Banned In Australia The game still hasn't been approved for release in the land down under.

Monster Hunter Frontier G Coming To Wii U, PS3 Capcom's illustrious Monster Hunter MMO is coming to the Wii U and PS3 later this year.

Xbox One Version of Monochroma Scrapped for Wii U Release Indie devs are already picking and choosing sides and in the case of the highly lauded Monochroma, they're picking the Big 'N' over the mini 'M'.

Assassin's Creed 4 PS4, PS3 Exclusive DLC Stars Aveline The first playable female assassin from Ubisoft's series will be playable in AC4.

BioShock Infinite DLC Clash of the Clouds Released, Burial At Sea Coming Soon New DLC drops for BioShock infinite to expand and extend the single-player gameplay.

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