Free Skype On Xbox One
Who saw it coming? The Xbox One now allows users to access Skype and its group chats for free. A classic title from the sixth gen of gaming has returned in HD. Find out how well the game works in this new review for the PS4. EA has unveiled the latest Madden NFL title for this year, but they still gave Nintendo and Wii U fans the shaft. There's also a short list of some comic book characters who could really use their own video games. Oh and Nintendo has re-entered the console war. They're here to stay.

Driveclub Release Date Set
The official release date for Driveclub has been set. The game is now scheduled to arrive this fall. That's a breath of fresh air for a bunch of gamers, I'm sure. TowerFall also becomes a pretty big hit for both PC and the PlayStation 4. New DLC is on the way for Outlast called Whistleblower and you can get the latest info right here. Dieselstormers brings four-player co-op action to Kickstarter, and Nintendo skips on the traditional E3 media brief for something a bit more fan-centric.

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