The biggest news of the week is that Valve is actually launching a PC-style console for the living room, giving non-PC gamers a chance to experience some of the goodness of PC gaming via a controller and an easy-to-use system. Should Microsoft and Sony be scared? Uh, yeah! Ubisoft also potentially reveals the next setting for Assassin's Creed IV, possibly moving the series into the bright and sunny vistas of Brazil. And Blizzard has some big plans for Diablo III on console...or maybe not, but still they managed to get the game operational for the Xbox 360 and PS3, so that's something, right? These stories and more in this December 15th, 2012 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Valve To Release Console-Style PC For Steam Big Picture Mode And it will compete with next-gen consoles.

Mew-Genics Gets All Musical With Its Title Theme Grab a first look at Team Meat's Mew-Genics with its new theme song.

G4 To Become Esquire Channel From tech to fashion. That's the way life goes for some gaming channels.

Absolute Force Online Open Beta Release Date Set Net Dragon sets the date in place for their upcoming third-person shooter.

Wii U DRM Restricts Content To A Single System No file sharing for you Wii U owners.

Street Fighter X Mega Man Announced as PC Exclusive It's a neat looking game, too. Such a shame that it receives such small support from Capcom.

League of Legends Steam Release Isn't Happening With Valve supporting DotA 2, it's quite obvious that LoL has no place on Steam.

GTA Vice City Back On Steam, Nearly 10 Songs Removed Oh fail, it looks like the RIAA wins out again.

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